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Free accurate pathology testing for Lyme/MSIDS:

“Free testing of 320 infections!”
Traditional pathology testing for Lyme/MSIDS has an accuracy of less than 70% with many false positives and negatives.
Hope Australia offers free bio-resonance testing with greater accuracy.
Request a free kit from noelc@smile.org.au subject ‘Free test’

Hope Bio-Resonance Synthesiser:

The Hope Compact is a fully fledged frequency synthesiser. Up to 10 sequences of frequencies defined by the user can be stored, repeatedly used, or replaced. More than 330 standard frequency applications are factory installed and cannot be altered by the user. Their selection was based on years of user experience. The Hope Compact has been developed to complement our existing Hope product line with a mobile device devoted to applications. The automatic analysis function allows a quick daily scan within minutes to identify the correct frequencies to be treated. This is critical because infective organisms change their phenotype and resonant frequency on a daily basis.

This facility of fast daily testing is unique to this device.

Product highlights

    • Operation with navigation-keys on a plastic housing.
    • Frequency analysis function included.
    • More than 330 preset applications.
    • 10 memory banks can be filled by the user with individually selected applications. of up to 50 frequencies.
    • Rechargeable Li-ion battery for 3.5 hrs operation between charges.
    • Battery charged via USB-connection.
    • Frequency range 0.01 Hz to 1.7 Megahertz.
    • Frequency stability 30ppm.
    • Output voltage adjustable up to +/-12V.
    • Three wave forms selectable: Sine, square full wave, square DC-Offset positive.
    • Application time adjustable.
    • SWEEP-function with adjustable upper and lower limits for frequency band covered.
    • Unit switches off after 2 minutes of inactivity.
    • Battery control.
    • LED confirms activity.
    • Grafic display with 128 x 64 pixel.
    • Acoustic confirmation of inputs and status changes.
    • Dimensions: 106mm x 66mm x 29mm.
    • Price $1,400, including GST and accessories.
    • Free freight
Contact us to purchase:  noelc@smile.org.au subject ‘Ozone’






Hope Medical Ozone Generator with Accessories, including catheters and headphones:

Product Features:

1. Simple & Easy operation;

2. Higher & stable ozone concentration;

3. Long lifespan glass ozone cell with more than 10000 hours;

4. Smaller size & lighter weight, and easy to carry;

5. A$600,  includes accessories and Free Freight

Requires Medical Oxygen @  1/4 litre per minute:

We will arrange supply within Australia

Contact us to purchase: noelc@smile.org.au Subject ‘Ozone’


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