Herx: Jarisch-Herxheimer reactions

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Herx: Jarisch-Herxheimer flares are a temporary worsening of the symptoms of lyme disease that occur when the lyme spirochete is being killed creating inflammation. The reaction causes a general worsening of the underlying symptoms.

Horowitz has found a step approach to be effective in 70% of his Lyme patients who suffer from these flares:

  1. Alkalize: during the JH flare the body can get acidic. This is detrimental to health,-as the enzymatic processes of the body function at a neutral pH of around7.4. You can adjust the pH using Alka-Seltzer Gold, sodium bicarbonate tablets, buffered Vitamin C and lemon-lime water.
  2. Support the elimination of toxins: Other supplements that support liver detoxification aside from glutathione include milk this the, ellagic acid (in raspberries), N-Acetylcysteine (NAC), alpha lipoid acid, B vitamins, watercress, dandelion, and phosphatidylcholine. There are also different methods of intestinal detoxification, including charcoal, bentonite clay, zeolite, Question (cholestyramine), Welchol 9colesevelam), or occasional enemas.
  3. Shut down the production of cytoK: LDN and antioxidants can decrease th stimulation of NFKappaB, which is a switch in the nucleus of the cell that increases inflammatory cytochines. These antioxidants include alpha-lipoid acid, glutathione, resveratrol, cur cumin, broccoli compounds like [DIM], and broccoli seed extracts such as glucoraphanin/sulforaphane.
  4. Supplement with minerals used in the detoxification reactions: These include magnesium (used in more that three hundred detox enzymes), zinc (needed in phase I liver detoxification and alcohol dehydrogenase), and copper (used in superoxide dismutase, or SOD), which can be found in good multi mineral supplements.
  5. “Open up the drain”: There are different nutraceutical remedies available, such as the ones that work on lymphatic drainage (Itires, Pekana drainage remedies) or general drainage formulas, such as herbs parsley and barber found in the Cowden protocol (NutraMedix). Taking in extra fluids, and getting adequate sleep, combined with a mild exercise program and infra red saunas for further elimination of toxins, can also be helpful.
  6. Transdermal pain medications: Some patients have pain localised over one or two areas and do not require oral medications. The benefits of topical treatments include delivering higher drug concentrations at the site than can be achieved through oral delivery, while significantly reducing or eliminating GI, hepatic, and systemic side effects. One readily available example is Voltaren gel which is mainly used for osteoarthritis and is usually applied up to four times a day to the affected site.
  7. Herbal therapies: The herbs most commonly used with Lyme disease and pain are Andrographis, Polygonum (a form of resveratrol) Stephanie root, Smilax, redraft, and boneset. These all have strong scientific support and can be useful for those with ongoing symptoms and inflammation. These herbs can be added to any regimen to help decrease inflammation and pain. Herbal protocols made by Greenwood Herbals and Researched Nutritionals combine several of these herbs: Smilax, redraft, and boneset for Herxheimer (JH) reactions. Patients have reported that this combination has been effective in decreasing pain associated with JH flares.

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