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‘Our world is changing and our parasites are changing. Small intracellular bacteria, such as the Lyme/MSIDS agents, have learned to persist in our bodies and to trigger more and more crippling pathologies. ‘

Luc Montagnier, winner of the Nobel Prize in Medicine for the discovery of HIV.

Free Bioresonant Testing from Hope Australia:

Free Bio-resonant Testing of infections found in Lyme/MSIDS Disease:

The economic solution to Lyme/MSIDS includes free bio-resonant testing of urine and home therapy  from Hope Australia under the supervision of your doctor: send your address to lyme@posteo.net for the free test kit.

Patients who use bio-resonance, photodynamic therapy at home, supervised by your doctor, will receive free follow up testing every three months, through urine analysis.

Our new equipment allows you to send a urine sample through the post at letter rate. Results are sent to you via Email.

Photo Dynamic Therapy:  PDT:

A new treatment for Lyme/MSIDS with a natural agent.

Laser Watch triggers the PDT agent.

Photo Dynamic Therapy was commenced in Australia, in 2003, after two Melbourne doctors were sent by the Chancellor of Swinburne University to Europe for training by the scientists who developed the PDT agent.

This therapy was designed for cancer therapy but it has also been found effective for treating Lyme/MSIDS. The laser shines into the blood stream, in the wrist and triggers the agent to attack the infections of Lyme/MSIDS.

This treatment allows the patients to get on with life during, two 30 minute treatment periods, each day, with the watch.

Purchase the laser watch and agent from our secure site lyme@posteo.net with the approval of your doctor.

Specific organs can be treated with an ultrasound machine and the Russian agent:
Hope Bioresonance Machine

Bioresonance Therapy is also very economic because once you have purchased the small unit, that fits in your pocket, it only uses a small amount of electricity when charged each night.

This unit tests you for 2 minutes each day, before treatment, to determine the exact frequencies of your worst infections, which can change on a daily basis. It then treats you with the unit in your pocket, so that you can get on with life.

Purchase the Bioresonance machine from our secure site: lyme@posteo.net with the approval of your doctor.


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